Oticon Tinnitus Sounds App

Oticon Tinnitus Sounds App

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Review: SoundGear Platinum Custom Electronic Shooting Plugs

Darcy & Eve are brother and sister youngshots and ambassadors for the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC). They are the future of Shooting Sports and represent the North West in particular. They have kindly been reviewing the SoundGear Platinum custom electronic ear defenders made by Starkey Hearing Technologies in Stockport, England. They retail at £750 per pair.

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Made For iPhone™ Resound LiNX™ Hearing Aids

Lowest Price Guaranteed for Resound LiNX™ and 30 Day Free Trials

ReSound LiNX Hearing Aid

Keep your hearing aid costs low and your hearing at a premium with the Made For iPhone ReSound LiNX. You can read our original ReSound LiNX hearing aid review here


Since first reviewing the exiting world's first Made for iPhone hearing aid back in March 2014, we have been nothing but impressed. Every single patient fitted by The Hearing Lab has been equally astounded by the sound quality and the versatility of this Made for iPhone hearing aid.


The Hearing Lab is an independent company but is part of a larger group of over 50 other independent audiology businesses around the UK. We aim to to keep the Resound LiNX hearing aid price as low as possible.

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Starkey Z Series

Starkey Z Series

Starkey seem to be getting all "holistic health" with this next series launch and why not. It's becoming more documented that poor hearing leads to all kinds of other mental and physical health problems. Ergo, welcome to the next generation of wireless hearing technology, "where better hearing health and wellness are made possible." Z Series is Starkey's newest full family of wireless products and are designed to enhance your hearing experience in a variety of listening environments because, "when you hear better, you live better".

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New Made For iPhone® ReSound LiNX™

The Resound LiNX™ arrival is something I've personally been excited about for some time now. This isn't because I'm an iPhone aficionado or because it's a better hearing aid but because this is a real game changer. The fact that I'm a little bit jealous that I don't have to wear hearing aids yet means there are features here that are going to appeal to everybody. This word is going to be used a lot but the Made For iPhone® ReSound LiNX really is revolutionary.


If we can forget that they are hearing aids for a while then we can begin to see the full potential. Here is why it's so exciting: This is the first high quality truely wireless stereo headset from any industry and it will connect to your iPhone™, iPad™ and iPod Touch™. It just so happens that this headset is actually a pair of hearing aids. The ReSound LiNX uses the fastest chip platform in the industry (SmartRange™) to process all that lovely sound and make it better through Surround Sound by Resound™ technology. So what does this mean in real life? It opens up over 1,000,000 apps so you can do a yoga class through your fitness app, go on the running machine at the gym and listen to your music with no wires in the way, take a skype video call, take in an audiobook and hear everything clearly and easily and the list goes on. All wirelessly. Are you starting to get the picture?


Let's get back to boring hearing aids and I do say that jokingly...the new ReSound Smart™ app allows its user some personalisation of the LiNX in that you can fine tune the hearing aids for different locations such as at a concert, or in a busy restaurant you like and, because that's not clever enough, you can then geotag where you are so that your LiNX always changes when you're at that location.


Watch the YouTube Video below to get some further insight into what this small, yet powerful new hearing aid can offer you.

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