Hearing Loss Symptoms

Comparing hearing aids.

Hearing loss may be gradual or sudden. It may be mild resulting in minor difficulties in conversation or as severe as complete deafness. The severity and speed at which hearing loss occurs may give us clues to the cause.

  • If hearing loss is sudden, it may be from a trauma, virus or a problem with blood circulation. A gradual onset os more suggestive of general aging or a tumor.
  • If you have tinnitus and/or vertigo, this may indicate a problem with the nerves in the ear or brain.
  • Hearing loss may only be in one ear or both. If the problem is only in one ear then this may indicate a conductive issue (outer or middle ear), trauma and acoustic neuroma.
  • Pain in the ear is associated with ear infections, trauma and obstruction in the ear canal. Ear in fections may cause fever.