Hearing Aid Prices

Unfortunately, we seem to live in a world where the price of anything is negotiable and we never seem to know what the real price should be. We are attracted to discounts and offers but are they genuine? Or are we just paying the price we should be anyway? Or more?


We believe that medical devices should not be sold in this manner. We understand that when buying important medical item like a hearing aid, then transparency is essential. You should want the best technology at the fairest price along with excellent service. The programming of a hearing aid requires an extremely specialised skill. Do not underestimate the importance of seeing a good audiologist who wants to spend time with you. Price transparency is important but cheapest is rarely best.


Prices quoted should be inclusive of VAT, a manufacturer’s warranty of between 2 to 5 years, testing, fitting and aftercare for the life of the hearing aid. Hearing aids, if properly maintained, should last for 5 years although we would recommend replacing hearing aids every four years due to the pace of technology and for optimal performance. Regular servicing is important and every six months is the generally accepted standard.


Just like your eyesight, your hearing will continue to change. With this in mind, throughout your hearing aids' lifespan, periodic adjustments and maintenance will be necessary. Hearing aids will typically function at their best for up to 4 years depending on how well they are looked after, serviced and the quality of the investment.


Occasionally the batteries are included in your purchase and there's no harm in asking if they're not. These should not cost more than £40 a year anyway.