Unitron North 600 £995

Unitron North Hearing Aids

All the styles above of the Unitron North 600 contain the same technological features just wrapped up in different packages to suit your level of hearing loss, lifestyle and personal preference. The 600 version is the lower mid-range (fourth from top level) providing good automatic in noise hearing within the Stride North range of hearing aids. It has 10 frequency channels which is 10 less than the flagship Unitron North Pro and Unitron North 800 but still a decent number for hearing technology at this price.


Sound Nav in the Unitron North 600 model identifies and classifies 2 different environments each with their own varying degrees of background noise reduction to improve conversation clarity. This is 3 less than the Unitron North 700. If there is no conversation, SoundNav determines whether it is a noisy or quiet environment.


Sound Conductor is in all Unitron Stride North Hearing Aids but uses the additional information from SoundNav (Pro, 800, 700, 600, & 500) and SpeechZone (Pro & 800 only) to dynamically balance the appropriate features providing speech understanding and comfort while maintaining natural sound quality.


Also worth noting, at the time of writing, all Unitron North Hearing Aids have a 101dB dynamic range which is the best in the industry. It basically means there is less distortion so even sounds like music remain pure and clear.


In The Hearing Lab's opinion, the Unitron North 600 is a good automatic aid. However, if you find yourself in varying levels of background noise, it's worth paying for the upgrade to the Unitron Stride 700 for the extra 3 environment classifiers in the SoundNav feature.

Unitron Stride North Comparison Table