Oticon ConnectLine Microphone £200

The Oticon ConnectLine Microphone is designed to be worn by the person you want to hear more clearly. It works in conjunction with the Oticon Streamers, wirelessly and seamlessly as part of the ConnectLine range of assistive listening devices.


The ConnectLine Microphone can be used anywhere with a range of up to 15m. With advanced noise cancelling technology, it improves listening ability in noisy situations such as in restaurants or whilst using transport. It even works when you want to listen from a distance such as in meetings and is great for everyday use at home.

Microphone Features

Improved Speech Understanding in Noise

The Oticon ConnectLine Microphone achieves this in two ways. Firstly, it removes the distance effect between you and the speaker by having the microphone in front of their mouth. Secondly, the background noise is removed using dual microphone technology purifying the signal you want to hear.

Easy to Use

As an integral part of the Oticon ConnectLine range of assistive listening devices it is extremely easy to control by using an Oticon ConnectLine Streamer. The microphone will even be interupted automatically to receive a telephone call if paired. You can take or reject the call with a single button on the streamer without even picking up your mobile or landline phone.