Welcome to the Professional's Area

The Hearing Lab franchise makes it easy for registered professional audiologists to start working for themselves. Here's how you do it:

  1. Contact us and tell us that you intend to work for yourself with our help, and use our brand and website
  2. Set up your own company and bank account - we can help but it's not hard
  3. Find an accountant  - we recommend that you use our group accountant so you can take advantage of discounts
  4. Get your branch or home visit area listed on our website
  5. Start dispensing hearing aids
  6. Buy through us and take advantage of massive pre-negotiated group discounts

We'll send some personally branded order forms if you're not all paperless yet, arrange any demo stock you might need, send you The Hearing Lab business cards with your contact details and you're ready to go. We can even put you in touch with a virtual diary manager at greatly reduced costs.


There are no set up fees. You only pay us a commission on the sale:

10%* on the first 20 sales

7.5%* on the next 30 sales

5%* for the all the rest


We are keeping it simple. There are no contracts and we promise to negotiate the best prices with all the manufacturers to make sure you're still saving, even after the commission has been paid. Our only rule is that you must buy through us so that we can keep negotiating hard with our suppliers.


*Actual fees and commission may be subject to change. As our business model is to sell hearing aids at reasonable costs to the customer and to also bring a certain amount of custom to you through online marketing, our own costs will be subject to fluctuations which must be passed on to maintain the success of the business. Our franchisees are under no contract although we hope we can give so much value that you'll stay with us forever. Neither are we under contract with you and therefore we retain the right to terminate any relationships at any time.