How to Choose your Hearing Aids?

Hearing aid models come and go due to the fast pace of technology but at any point in time there about 400 different types so it's not difficult to understand why getting to grips with what's right for you can be confusing. The fact that there are so many is a good thing because it means that we can find the one that is exactly right for you. During a consultation with an audiologist, they will ask you many questions and some will seem quite personal but during this process your audiologist is narrowing the search for the ideal hearing aid solution for you. Once the actual hearing test has been completed, the audiologist should have a good idea about what technology is best for you.


Generally, audiologists are split between learning about all technologies and therefore having a large range of hearing aids to choose from or having a smaller selection and knowing them well. Each manufacturer uses different software to program their range of hearing aids and even the experts get caught out sometimes. Some patients think they could do this themselves but you need to completely understand how the ear works in terms of anatomy and physiology as well as the technology; and experience counts for a lot. At The Hearing Lab we focus on the world's six leading manufacturers and only the latest models. Most high street suppliers tend to focus on two to four manufacturers and the NHS generally only use one. Most independent hearing aid suppliers will have more choice that national chains.


In conclusion, you really have to find a good audiologist in your area and I'm sure The Hearing Lab can help you there! Then research your prices and products. As a quick guide you can use the simple guide below to help you find the right level of technology to suit you.

How much should I spend on my hearing aids?

Your audiologist should ask about your lifestyle and about places where you would like to improve your hearing. The answers to these questions will help determine what level of technology is going to be the most appropriate. However, you can get a broad idea for yourself by using the simple guide to hearing aid selection below. The style and the way the hearing aid is adapted including programming should always be left to your audiologist.

Find YOUR Hearing Level

Entry Level Hearing - 3 to 9 bands - £1,190 to £1,990 (pair)

Standard Level Hearing - 5 to 16 bands - £1,990 to £2,390 (pair)

Premium Level Hearing - 10 to 20 bands - £2,590 to £3,350 (pair)

Ultimate Level Hearing - 15 to 48 bands - £3,190 to £3,790 (pair)