Oticon ConnectLine Phone Adapter 2 £100

Oticon ConnectLine Phone Adapter 2

The Oticon ConnectLine Phone Adapter 2 is a Bluetooth device that connects hearing aids to a landline to help people take calls more easily (without getting up) and to hear more clearly.


It requires the Oticon Streamer Pro to be used as an intermediary device that receives the information from the Oticon Phone Adapter 2 which then relays it to your hearing aids.

The Oticon Phone Adapter 2 works with your phone and connects between the wall socket and the phone and is really easy to fit. Advanced noise reduction and echo cancellation systems in this second generation streamer allows you to hear clear, undistorted conversations with confidence.


As part of the Oticon ConnectLine range the Phone Adapter 2 will seamlessly work with your mobile phone, TV and audio player applications.