WIDEX TV-DEX - £195.00

TV-DEX for TV at home

DEX™ assistive listening devices from Widex let you take advantage of a whole new world of sounds. They make it easy for you, as a hearing aid user, to communicate with your audio equipment, remote controls, television, mobile or landline phones.








The WIDEX TV-DEX is your user-friendly, wireless assistive listening device specifically designed for enjoying TV and audio. The Widex TV-DEX can stream stereo sound from your TV, HiFi or computer directly to your hearing aids from up to a distance of 10 metres away. The main advantage of the TV-DEX is its real-time high-quality stereo sound.


WIDEX TV-DEX at home

Experience TV or audio sound exactly as it was intended - without annoying distortion and more importantly - no echoes. The TV-DEX is able to do this discreetly, without the need to wear a streaming device around your neck, just place it on the table or armrest next to you.


The TV-DEX is compatible with both older analogue TVs as well as the newer digital TVs. You can also control the volume level of the TV independent of the volume that others require it, meaning that everyone can enjoy the TV at a comfortable level.

Watching TV and ignoring others




Another unique feature of the TV-DEX is the ‘Room Off’ function. It allows you to temporarily switch off the hearing aid’s microphone and hear the TV sound only. This way you can enjoy your favourite TV programmes without unnecessary background noise. Naturally, Room off can easily be switched on and off.