WIDEX T-DEX - £240.00

Man using Widex T-Dex

DEX™ assistive listening devices from Widex let you take advantage of a whole new world of sounds. They make it easy for you, as a hearing aid user, to communicate with your audio equipment, remote controls, television, mobile or landline phones.

Widex T-Dex



The WIDEX T-DEX provides easy connection with mobile phones for hearing aids with a telecoil for your bluetooth mobile phone; making the T-DEX perfect in situations with a lot of background noise. 


The T-DEX is a hands-free, wireless neck loop for use with all hearing aids with a telecoil. It lets you easily connect with Bluetooth mobile phones. The T-DEX comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, as well as a charging cord.

woman on mobile


The WIDEX T-DEX is perfect in situations where there is a lot of background noise because it amplifies the sound from the mobile phone. Its hands-free operation means that it is easy to talk on the phone while driving for example.


Simply place the T-DEX around the neck and activate it when the phone rings. The sound is transmitted wirelessly to the hearing aids so you can hear and converse directly. Calls can be easily answered and ended by means of a single push button.