Oticon Opn £1,695

Oticon Opn with iPhone 6

Oticon have made a real step towards removing the stigma of wearing hearing aids with the Oticon Opn. They are so small they are practically invisible and come in a range of shades and bright colours.


The internet-enabled Oticon Opn comes with a number of additional features because it can connect to devices via the internet and Bluetooth. The hearing aids sync to your phone so you can make phone calls and listen to music without any headphones. Anything that is Bluetooth enabled you can connect them to. This means that the hearing aids can also be connected to things like doorbells, appliances, or even baby monitors. Then when the doorbell rings, for example, the person gets a small 'ring' in their ear to let them know.

Oticon Opn with iPad

You possibly know the feeling. You’re sitting round the dinner table, working hard to follow the thread. You might be hearing the person across from you, or next to you. But when someone further away says something, you don’t catch it, and the conversation moves on – leaving you behind. The reason is that your hearing loss means that fewer sounds reach your brain to start with. To make sense of these sounds, your brain has to struggle to fill in the gaps. And this is especially true in situations where sounds come from different directions – like at the dinner table.


Not fast enough to handle many sounds at the same time, traditional hearing aids normally focus on a “main” sound, like speech in front of you, and then suppress all other sounds. Yet background sounds often include important speech details, and when these are not passed on to the brain, conversations are difficult and tiring to follow. Oticon Opn - a new kind of hearing aid. With Oticon Opn, traditional hearing aid technology is a thing of the past. The ground-breaking technology in Oticon Opn processes sounds 50 times faster, giving your brain a more complete soundscape, and putting you – not your hearing aid – in charge of which sounds you focus on. The result is greater mastery of your conversations with less effort.

Hear better, remember more, with less effort

Closing down sounds, closes down life

OpenSound Navigator opens up life

Recent studies show that “following conversation in noisy situations” is the No. 1 greatest challenge for people with hearing loss1. Oticon Opn solves the problem by improving your ability to understand speech in even the most challenging environments by 30%, compared to traditional hearing aids. Oticon Opn opens the door not just to better understanding of speech and conversations.


Research has shown that, with Oticon Opn, you can experience reduced listening effort, making it easier to follow conversations in challenging sound environments. It can also increase your ability to store and recall information, so you’ll find you can remember more of what people have said to you.


Fast enough to support the brain How is Oticon Opn able to do all this? Unprecedented processing speed. With 50 times more processing power than the previous generation, Oticon Opn scans your environment more than 100 times per second. It gives you access to 360° of sound. It accurately distinguishes between speech and background noise. It enables you to identify where different sounds are coming from. And it continuously adjusts the relative volume of all sounds around you to maintain a well-balanced and comfortable soundscape. This enables your brain to make sense of sound with less effort.


Oticon report that the result more closely mimics natural hearing than any hearing aid they have ever produced. Oticon Opn uses the latest Oticon BrainHearing technologies to help you:


Focus on your preferred sounds
Understand speech with less effort
Enjoy a fuller and more natural soundscape
Shift your attention from one sound to another