Oticon Alta 2 Pro £1,545

All the styles above of the Oticon Alta 2 Pro contain the same technological features just wrapped up in different packages to suit your lifestyle, hearing loss and personal preference. The Alta 2 Pro is Oticon's premium top level aid, providing the best hearing available from the Inium Sense platform. The Inium Sense delivers 30% more processing power increasing understanding of soft speech by as much as 20%.


The Alta 2 Pro and the Alta 2 are 16 frequency channel hearing aids with a bandwidth of up to 10kHz. This is reduced to 8kHz in the other models. More channels mean better sound quality reproduction and more scope for manipulation. Higher bandwidth creates a more natural sound with more high frequency amplification so it's fantastic for listening to music or birdsong. 


The Alta 2 Pro's stand out features are Premium Spatial Sound, Spatial Noise Management and Binaural Processing. Binaural Processing is when the hearing aids are wirelessly connected to each other and are able to share information about the sound environment. They can then effectively alter things like noise reduction (Spatial Noise Management) intensity and directionality (Spatial Sound) independently in both ears to give the best all round result. It is important to note that ONLY the Alta 2 Pro has the Spatial Noise management feature and it's this that makes the Spatial Sound feature so much more effective i.e. Premium.


Speech Guard E is a new feature to the Alta 2 and Alta 2 Pro and isn't available in any of the other models. It basically protects the speech element in sound environments more effectively and helps the brain to know where to focus its attention. This enhances speech understanding in challenging situations and helps reduce listening effort.


Tinnitus SoundSupport is built in to all the Pro models and it is the first hearing aid to offer ocean sounds in addition to a large number of other options. Customisation is simple, as are the controls and your audiologist will help set everything up via our thorough tinnitus assessment.

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