GN ReSound LiNX2 5 £1,095

The LiNX2 is the ultimate range from GN ReSound and has 3 technology levels (9, 7, and 5). It supersedes the LiNX range in becoming the world’s smartest ’Made for iPhone (MFI)’ hearing aid. It incorporates the very latest version of GN ReSound’s SmartRange dual-core processing chip (Coyote 4.5). One processor is dedicated to wireless functionality and the other to sound processing. The benefits are twice the processing power than all previous processing chips manufactured by GN ReSound and quicker computing of digital algorithms without additional battery consumption. In addition, the LiNX2 is available in all the styles listed below with some custom models also having Made for iPhone (MFI) functionality:

  • IIC: non-wireless 'invisible-in-canal’ (Size 10 battery)
  • CIC: non-wireless 'completely-in-canal’ (Size 10 battery)
  • ITC: wireless MFI 'in-the-canal’ (Size 312 battery)
  • ITE: wireless MFI 'in-the-ear’ with telecoil (Size 312 or 13 battery)
  • MIH-S: non-wireless 'microphone-in-helix small’ (Size 10 battery)
  • MIH: wireless MFI 'microphone-in-helix’ with telecoil (Size 312 or 13 battery)
  • RIE 61: wireless MFI 'receiver-in-ear’ with push button (Size 312 battery)
  • RIE 62: wireless MFI 'receiver-in-ear’ with volume control and telecoil (Size 13 battery)
  • BTE 77: wireless MFI ’sound-tube' or 'standard behind-the-ear’ with push button, volume control and telecoil (Size 13 battery)
  • BTE 88: wireless high-power MFI ‘standard behind-the-ear’ with push button, volume control and telecoil (Size 13 battery)
GN ReSound Linx2 & Apple Watch

The LiNX2 5 has 12 overlapping channels which mimics how the human ear naturally hears. The LiNX2 9 has 17 and the LiNX2 7 has 14 channels. The excellent Binaural Directionality II with Spatial Sense is only available in the LiNX2 9 whilst the ReSound LiNX2 7 uses Binaural Directionality. The LiNX 5 however, relies on a choice Natural Directionality II or Softswitching with Multiscope Adaptive Directionality.


The former choice, Natural Directionality II, is ReSound’s unique asymmetrical fitting strategy, where one hearing aid is set with a directional fit and the other one is set with an omnidirectional fit. The first ear is thus the Focus ear and the other the Monitor ear. An asymmetric fitting is proven by research to be an excellent way for users to effortlessly derive benefit from directional technology whilst maintaining full awareness of their surroundings. Because Directional Mix Processing (not all the frequency channels are made directional) is applied to the Focus ear, natural and balanced sound quality is maintained.


MultiScope Adaptive Directionality, on the other hand allows the hearing care professional to set how wide the directional beam should be for each individual user. Softswitching analyzes the inputs to the hearing aid’s two microphones to determine which direction sounds are coming from. It then estimates whether directionality is likely to be beneficial. If the environment is quiet or if the signal-to-noise ratio is very favorable, an omni-directional response is applied. If there is a change in the environment that favors a directional response, it is provided within seconds.


It also has mild levels of background noise, circuit noise and wind noise reduction for listening comfort.

Binaural Environmental Optimiser II is unique to the LiNX2 9 and LiNX2 7 and is therefore missing from the LiNX 5. This would have enabled the two hearing aids to act as one system to analyse and classify 7 different listening environments (Environmental Classifier) before automatically adjusting the sound level and amount of noise reduction applied according to the environment the listener is in. This promotes better hearing through listening comfort and works better in the LiNX 9 than the LiNX 7 due to the stronger reduction in Noise Tracker II and the Spatial Sense feature. The LiNX 5 does not have the Environmental Optimiser and it is worth mentioning, because, in our opinion, it is one of the key features available in GN ReSound LiNX2 hearing aids.


The 2.4GHz wireless communication between the hearing aids in all LiNX2 models supports the synchronization of volume adjustments and program changes made on one hearing aid to both hearing aids. It also allows for a feature called ‘Comfort Phone’. This is when the ‘telephone ear’ hearing aid automatically changes to a dedicated phone program whilst the ‘non-telephone ear’ hearing aid reduces in volume slightly to help you concentrate better whilst still being aware of your environment.


In addition this technology supports Synchronized Acceptance Manager which gradually, through coordination between hearing aids, increases the sound level over a specified period of time to allow new users of hearing aids the opportunity to adjust and adapt to amplification.


The LiNX 2 range includes ’Sound Shaper’ which is a frequency compression algorithm designed to help people with severely/profoundly affected high frequencies. It is accomplished by squashing high tone sounds into a lower tone range where the listener’s hearing loss is less affected. Importantly, Sound Shaper improves the audibility of speech cues that would otherwise have been lost, whilst maintaining the best sound quality possible.


The sound quality of music can sometimes be distorted by feedback algorithms. The LiNX2 range now incorporates DFS Ultra II with Music Mode so patients can now enjoy extra comfort, better audibility and all the subtle nuances of rich sound, even in the most challenging situations. Music Mode gives hearing aid users a clearer, richer, distortion-free music experience.


Tinnitus Sound Generator and Nature Sounds is built into all three models of LiNX 2 and helps break the “cycle” and provide relief by diverting attention away from tinnitus with a wide range of soothing background sounds; including six installed soothing ‘water-inspired’ nature sounds such as ‘Shoreline’ and ‘Beach Surf’ or their preferred sound streamed directly to their hearing aids. The ReSound Smart and ReSound Relief apps provide even more options for managing tinnitus.


The LiNX2 range is compatible with GN ReSound’s unique 2.4 GHz wireless accessories such as the Unite Mini Microphone, Unite TV Streamer 2, Unite Phone Clip+ and Unite Remote Control 2.


Imagine stereo sound, corrected to accommodate your hearing loss, streamed directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices. You can make phone and video calls, or work out to your favorite songs - all without worrying about wires or something hanging around your neck. The first Made for iPhone hearing aid, ReSound LiNX opened the door to direct connectivity with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, making hearing aids work like Bluetooth-enabled headphones. ReSound LiNX2 takes this technology to the next level. Now Made for iPhone functionality is available across the ReSound LiNX2 family.


A simple ’triple-click’ of the iPhone or iPad’s home button is all it takes to convert the device into a remote microphone and stream sounds directly into the LiNX2 range - just like the Unite Mini Microphone. Furthermore, listeners can download the ’ReSound Smart App’ onto their iPhone and iPad via the Apple App Store, and now also onto their Samsung Galaxy S5 & 6 via Google Play, enabling them to alter the volume, adjust treble and bass, check battery status, add favourite programs, find misplaced hearing aids and control the pitch and modulation of the tinnitus masker noise. Sound Enhancer is only available in the LiNX2 9 and not in the LiNX 7. It is such a great feature that it is worth mentioning here. Please watch the video below with your sound on! ReSound Smart App listeners can activate ’Sound Enhancer’ to manually adjust the width of the directional beam on the hearing aid to hear speech clearer (Speech Focus), increase the noise reduction level in loud environments to provide comfort and reduce listening effort (Comfort in noise), and reduce wind noise (Comfort in Wind). It's worth upgrading to the LiNX2 9 just for this feature.


Benefits over Enya 4:

LiNX2 5 is Made for iPhone

Direct connectivity with Samsung Galaxy S5 & 6

Latest version of dual-core SmartRange processing chip (Coyote 4.5

12 WARP channels instead of 10

Natural Directionality II


Synchronised SoftSwitching (both hearing aids blending between directional and non-directional modes at the same time)


Benefits over previous LiNX 5:

LiNX2 5 is Made for iPhone

Latest version of dual-core SmartRange processing chip (Coyote 4.5)

Available in full range of styles including custom in-the-ears including invisible in the canal (IIC)

12 Warp Channels instead of 9

MFI functionality available in custom hearing aid styles

Natural Directionality II

Tinnitus Sound Generator with Nature Sounds

Direct connectivity with Samsung Galaxy S5 & 6