Resound Verso 9 Review

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Released in 2012, the Verso 9 is at the pinacle of hearing aid technology. It comes in almost every style including discreet receiver in the canal versions (RICs) and the smallest invisible in the canal (IICs). They are also the only manufacturer to currently offer remote microphone technology (RMs) which allows for more amplification from smaller all in the ear devices.


The Alera range of hearing aids was the Verso's precurser and the Verso has kept many of its wonderful features. However, for the first time with GN Resound, the hearing aids are able to communicate with each other using Binaural Fusion™. This helps, to an even further degree, hearing in background noise. Below are some of the more important features.


Verso 9 Features:

  • 17 channels of WARP™ Compression allowing for utmost accuracy in programming the device to suit your hearing needs. Always remember the quality of the chip is as important as the number of channels.
  • Ultimate NoiseTracker™ II to reduce high levels of background noise.
  • Personalised Noise Reduction
  • Ultimate WindGuard™ perfect for people who enjoy the outdoors or who live in windy areas.
  • Ultimate Expansion which is only necessary for people who have areas of very good hearing and ensures that no circuit noise can be heard.
  • Ultimate Binaural Directionality™* provides the user with the best speech understanding in noise plus a more natural sense of surroundings due to the hearing aids working together and selecting the best directional response for that particular environment. A great new feature and only available in the Verso 9.
  • Ultimate Binaural Environmental Optimizer™ II* will allow the hearing aids to work together and classify the evironment so gain and noise reduction are altered automatically for clarity and comfort.
  • Synchronised Push Button & Volume Control* allows the user to change the settings on one aid and the opposite aid automatically changes with it.
  • DFS Ultra™ II with Music Mode™ is probably the best feedback manager in the industry so users can comfortably use the aids when listening to music or on the phone with no danger of any whistling. The addd music mode gives users a clearer, richer and distortion free music experience.
  • In-situ audiometry - extremely important for accurate fitting of hearing aids. This can often make huge differences to a users experience.
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology essentially allows connectivity between televisions, other audio devices, mobile phones and microphones. They are very easy to to set up and use in minutes.

*Only available in wireless BTEs and RICs


Below is a list of accessories:


Resound Unite™ TV

Resound Unite™ Remote Control

Resound Unite™ Phone Clip+

Resound Unite™ Mini Microphone


The Verso 9 is available in the following styles. Ask your audiologist which one is most suitable for you:


Remote Microphone (RM)

Invisible in Canal (IIC)

Completely in Canal (CIC)

Canal (C)

Half Shell (HS)

Full Shell (FS)

Receiver in Canal (RIC)

Thin Tube (TT)

Standard Behind the Ear (BTE)

Author: Paul Nand

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