Hearing Aids don't like Winter

As most hearing aid wearers already know, moisture can be a big problem for these small devices. We normally expect moisture to come from sweating when it's hot or from droplets when it's raining but condensation in hearing aids can also be caused by extreme changes in temperature such as when coming into a warm house from the cold outdoors - just like when your glasses steam up! The last few years in the UK have been bitingly cold so be prepared and take precautions because nobody wants to be without their hearing during the party season.


Drying cups and silica gel capsules are a cheap and effective way of combating condensation and have shown to prolong the life and effectiveness your hearing aids during that life. Speak to your audiologist as most retailers can order these for you. Prevention is better than cure especially as a drying kit should only cost around ten pounds.


Author: Paul Nand. You can find him on and Twitter

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