Impacted Wax

Diagram of wax in the ear canal.

Hard impacted wax needs to be treated as soon as possible but how do you know if you've got it? You may have some tinnitus, it is sometimes painful, your hearing will more than likely be impaired and you may have a blocked up feeling. Some mistake wax buid up for actually going deaf so get it checked out.


The longer you leave the wax to build up, the harder and more difficult if becomes to remove and the chances of discomfort on removal increase. Once the wax is impacted, no amount of softening can get the wax out on its own, and often, syringing becomes an unlikely option. However, microsuction is still very successful in these cases and it may take a longer session than normal or even a few sessions before everything can be removed.


Microsuction is definitely the best solution for this type and all other types of ear wax blockages because its safe, quick and the most comfortable. If you suspect that you have impacted wax because you have had some of the symptoms above and you want it removed using microsuction at the Wax Removal Clinic then it is advised that you try softening the wax first with some Earol. This can be purchased on this site on the treatments page. You may find that this will solve the issue but you should still make an appointment for a Video Otoscopy which will allow you to see in your ear yourself! If the wax still needs removing then we will carry out microsuction and show you inside your canal after the procedure is over (usually about five minutes).


Wax is produced in the ear canal to capture dust, dirt, dead skin, restrict bacterial growth and carry it out of the ear. You can imagine that if this gets blocked in the ear and starts to build up (in a warm humid environment) then it can easily become infected, especially if it stays there for a length of time. This infection can eat away at the canal walls and ear drum causing perforations, middle ear bone damage, mastoiditis and in worst case scenarios bacterial meningitis. Therefore, you can understand why we are passionate about wax removal!


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Author: Paul Nand

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    Pete (Friday, 13 February 2015 19:41)

    I have impacted wax in both ears,basically I need them syringing there any way I can get this done without putting drops in my ears for over a week?.regards PG.

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