Prices for Our Other Services

Hearing Aid Repairs & Adjustments


Service Description Each
Repair Manufacturer Repair to any make of hearing aids (includes a 6 month warranty)


Repair In-house repair to a hearing aid bought elsewhere (includes tube changes, filters, etc.) £40
Repair Manufacturer internal clean and check £80
Repair Repair to a damaged shell of a custom in-the ear hearing aid £250
Repair Replacement Mould and Fitting for BTE Hearing Aid £60
Repair Replacement Receiver-in-Canal Speaker £60
Adjustment Adjustment of a Hearing Aid Bought Elsewhere (includes hearing a test & 4 years aftercare) £125 per ear

Hearing & Tinnitus Assessments


Service Description Each
Hearing Test For the purpose of purchasing hearing aids (no report provided unless purchase made) £FREE
Hearing Test Full Hearing Test with audiogram and report (may also be used for legal purposes) £49
Tinnitus Full Tinnitus Assessment including Full Hearing Test, Pitch & Loudness Matching, Minimum Masking Level, Residual Inhibition, Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI) tests and full written report.  £190

If you require assessments for medical legal purposes please see our Medicolegal page for more tests and prices