Oticon Ria 2 £745

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All the styles above of the Oticon Ria 2 contain the same technological features but are just wrapped up in different packages to suit your lifestyle, hearing loss and personal preference. The Ria 2  is Oticon's essential entry level hearing aid providing value hearing from the Inium Sense platform. The hearing aids are still connected to each other but only to make sure each aid is at the same volume and in the same program. The Inium Sense delivers 30% more processing power increasing understanding of soft speech by as much as 20%.


The Ria 2 Pro and the Ria 2 are amazingly 16 frequency channel hearing aids with a bandwidth of up to 8kHz. This is reduced from 10kHz in the Alta 2 and Alta 2 Pro. More channels means better sound quality reproduction and more scope for manipulation. Higher bandwidth creates a more natural sound with more high frequency amplification so it's fantastic for listening to music or birdsong. 16 channels and 8kHz bandwidth is unbelievably great value for an entry range product. However, 4 fitting bands gives limited scope for your audiologist to adjust and fine tune. This is OK if you have a fairly flat audiogram. There are 10 fitting bands in the Oticon Alta 2 and Oticon Alta 2 Pro, 8 in the Nera 2 Pro and 6 in the Nera 2 and Ria 2 Pro.


The Ria 2 Pro had Binaural Sychronisation but the Ria 2 does not. This allows synchronised automatic directionality and noise management to improve listening comfort in noisy environments without the need for manual changes. The Ria 2 only has Binaural Coordination which ensures both aids are in the same program and at the same volume.


Naturally, with an entry level product, many of the special automatic features are missing and this range of hearing aids will definitely need more manual adjusting than the better models. However, we must add that 4 programs, 16 channels and 8kHz of bandwidth is great value. It will depend on the type of hearing loss though, as there are only 4 fitting bands for your audiologist to fine tune things with. Upgrade if you can.


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