About us

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The Hearing Lab's ethos is to supply ONLY the absolute latest technology from the world’s best manufacturers at the genuine low prices delivered in a clinical and convenient location. The Hearing Lab is a franchise group of local independent audiologists who are able to are able to take advantage of massive group purchasing. This means we can supply our clients with the best hearing aids at much lower prices.


Due to current technology trends we have become increasingly specialised in providing invisible hearing aids although never losing our focus of providing the best hearing possible. These are primarily extremely small hearing aids that are designed to fit deep down inside the canal with nothing visible from the outside. The hearing devices work with our natural anatomy to give unsurpassed levels of richness and clarity. Manufacturers are making hearing aids smaller all the time and there are only a very small number of audiologists who have had the additional training to clean the canal using micro suction and take such deep impressions of the ear canal.


Why go anywhere else when we won’t be beaten on price and you have a 60 day money back guarantee? If you find it cheaper elsewhere within 60 days with the same benefits then we’ll match the price. Call us now for an appointment. Take the first step to better hearing today and have a look at some of the manufacturers below.